Tummy Tucker Shapewear – What You Need To Know Before Getting It

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Tummy Tucker Shapewear

Tummy tucker shapewear is a shapewear designed to flatten the tummy. Depending of the control intensity, it allows to smooth out, shape or sculpt the tummy.

Different intensities are suitable for different occasions – light gentle smoothing is intended for daily usage while the extra firm is usually intended for certain events and not everyday use.

Tummy tucker shapewear can be worn with nearly any piece of clothing as per your preference.

Tummy Tucker ShapewearHow To Find The Right One

Body shapewear is extremely popular nowadays and its popularity just tend to grow. And we can clearly see the reason for this – it is capable of correcting imperfections boosting the level of confidence and self-esteem. It is the easy and convenient way to look and feel better.

Whether you are wearing a body con dress, office outlook or jeans and if you wish for a sleeker smoother look, there is a shapewear that can help. If your insecurity is your midsection, then tummy tucker shapewear is the way to go.

The main provision for any shapewear is that you should feel comfortable in your shapewear especially if this is your daily-use garment.

But how to get a comfortable tummy tucker shapewear?

The Most Important Rule When Choosing The Shapewear

Choosing tummy tucker shapewear that is neither too big nor too small is the most important rule when it comes to finding the right shaper. You should make the choice wisely and responsibly to benefit from this piece of garment.

Actually, this is the rule Nr. 1 for any shapewear – in order for the shapewear to deliver its promises, it should be the right size and fit.

If the shapewear is too big, it simply doesn’t do anything to your target areas.

The worst case, however, is if you choose a shapewear that is too small. Not even it will create lumps and bumps and squeeze the flesh but it can also pose a threat to your health by adding unneeded pressure to the organs.

Too tight shapewear (and not only shapewear but these could be also too tight jeans) can increase the risk of nerves or organs compression. This, in its turn, can cause numbness, tingling, blood clots, infection of urinary tract or bladder

The main measure whether or not the shapewear exposes your health to danger is your comfort – the lower the level of your comfort, the more likely the above health problems. And this is extremely significant when it comes to your stomach due to the important organs it contains. Consequently, the right size and fit for your tummy tucker shapewear is the crucial point to keep in mind.

There is a tendency to layer shapewear, however, this should be the case only for a very special occasions. Layering shapewear is more likely to lead to the health issues described above.

Daily Use of Tummy Tucker Shapewear – Yes or No?

So can I wear my tummy tucker each day?

Yes, you can, as long as your shapewear is comfortable and is not bothering you even after many hours of usage.

The decrease of your comfort level is the first sign you should re-consider wearing your shapewear each day, instead looking for a lighter and gentler shaping intensity.

The other thing to consider is the convenience of the shapewear when going to the bathroom – if you tend to postpone going to the bathroom due to the challenges to remove it, it exposes your urinary tract to danger by increasing the risk of infection.

Is It Enough With One Tummy Tucker?

Usually as soon as you start wearing shapewear, it is impossible to stop 🙂 And there are so many choices and options out there…

The general belief is that the perfect beginning of building a wardrobe of body shapers is by getting the basic pieces of shapewear. The basic pieces refers to body shaper slip, tights or mid-thigh shapewear. This is due to the fact that the basic shapewear will allow your body to get used to shapewear in general, to understand your preferences.

However, it also depends on your target areas. So if, for instance, you wanted to target your tummy, then tummy tucker shapewear is the right way to go. But if you are “a beginner” with shapewear, then starting with a light control could be a good idea to understand the concept.

Tummy tuckers in a colour close to your skin tone are the most flexible due compatibility with nearly any clothing. Nevertheless, it does make sense to get a few in other colours, as well. All in all, if you intend to wear the tummy tucker daily, you will need more than one piece.

So What Is Tummy Tucker Capable Of?

Without doubt, the main aim of tummy tucker is to take care of your tummy – to flatten, to slim down and to smooth it out. However, depending on the type of tummy tucker it is possible to deal with some other insecurities, as well.

By choosing this type of shapewear you are able to choose an option to slenderise thighs and hips, slim down or lift the booty and flatten the tummy. It all depends on the type of tummy tucker you choose:

  • waist cincher belt to focus on the tummy, waist and midsection but make sure to choose extended belt that goes down to the stomach
  • tummy tucker panties (butt boosting feature possible, as well) to focus on tummy and rear. High waist will add the possibility to slim down and smooth out the whole midsection including waist, love handles and any bumps around the midsection, as well.
  • tummy tuck shorts (butt lifting feature possible, as well) to smooth out midsection, slim down or lift booty, to slenderise and firm hips and thighs. The higher the waist, the more of the midsection gets shaped.
  • tummy tuck body suit to control and flatten the tummy, as well as, back fat, love handles and streamline the figure.

Additionally, tummy tucker can be of great help when eliminating panty lines.

To sum up, tummy tucker shapewear is the right choice when feeling insecure about the tummy area and need to either flatten it, slim down or smooth out. Start with the lighter compression to understand its concept and if needed – increase the intensity level gradually.

Getting the right size and fit is a must! It is your stomach and it contains organs vital to your health and life. The last you would wish is to have excessive pressure on your organs as this can lead to many serious health problems.

You should feel comfortable while wearing your tummy tucker shapewear, otherwise, you risk damaging your health.

Tummy tucker shapewear is capable of offering also extra shaping features, as well as, added target areas, depending on the style you have chosen.

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  1. I have been using a tummy tucker shapewear now and then for years now. It works fine, but you need to pick the right one for you. Just as you said you need to pick one which is tight and comfortable. I remember the first one I had, it was too tight and I could not even sit down, it had no slip, wearing it was a fight and I thought it was supposed to be like that. Not at all, you need to be comfortable to move with it.


  2. I love tummy tucker shape wear. Some fabrics are just very unforgiving and will just define my muffin top too much. So, I like to have them just to safeguard. How do you know that it is the right size? It is so had to just find the find that fits me proportionally. Any tips or any brands that you want to share? 

    • Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. I have actually tried one of the Amazon Best selling tummy tucker shapewear and here you can see the results, pros and cons, as well as, other favoured tummy tucker shapewear pieces reviewed.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  3. A lot of Ladies really can’t do with these tummy Shape wear…I can tell there was a time my wife was using it to keep her fit and I can tell it really helps but like you know nothing good comes easily it really difficult keeping with these tummy timer but if you are determined you can actually do it

  4. I love this article so thank you so much. I have often toyed with the idea of using a body shaper and now thanks to this article I have a lot more knowledge on how to chose and what to look out for. I know there are so many women like myself who want to feel good in our clothes and a little body shaper might be just the trick.

    Thank you


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