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We have already discussed how to choose the tummy flattening shapewear and described 4 steps to take to make sure the right one is chosen.

So now the time has come to list the best tummy flattening shapewear proven to work for actual wearers and favoured by customers.

The Best Tummy Flattening Shapewear – 5 Effective Shapers

The Best Tummy Flattening shapewear for daily usage

Product: Gotoly Tummy Flattening Shapewear – High-Waisted Panties

Price: below $15

Features: Light/Medium Tummy Control; Butt-Enhancer; Sweat-Free Material; Breathable Material; Lace Detailing; Fully Lined; Side Boning; Antibacterial Finish; Available in 3 colours: Black, Beige and Red; 85% Polyamide/15% Elastane; Lining: 62% Polyester/32% Cotton/6% Elastane

You probably wonder whether an under-15-bucks worth body shaper stand for the best tummy flattening shapewear? Yes, it can and this one is definitely among the top choices of the tummy flattening shapewear.

Gotoly tummy flattening panties has reached an average 3.8 out of 5 stars based on more than 5950 reviews. Moreover, it is the Nr.1 Best Seller in W’s Plus Size Shapewear Panty category and Nr.3 in category W’s Shapewear Control Panties. So there definitely is something about these panties.

Gotoly Tummy Flattening Shapewear - High-Waisted Panties
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Size/Fit
  • Quality
  • Price



  • comfortable
  • flattens tummy
  • smoothes out back bulge
  • stylish
  • sexy
  • affordable price



  • inconsistent sizing
  • creates VPL
User Review
4.56 (9 votes)

Tummy flattening shapewear panties with such a good “CV” – well, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy Gotoly tummy flattening panties for myself, especially as I am looking for my best tummy flattening shapewear, as well.

The Best Tummy Flattening Shapewear

To begin with, these tummy flattening shapewear panties are light/medium compression so suitable for everyday shaping with intention to flatten tummy, smooth out bulges and lift the rear but don’t expect drastic body sculpting changes – for this intention there are higher intensity shapewear – firm and extra firm shapewear.

The material of the tummy control shapers is very pleasant and soft but at the same time strong. The shaper panties feature lace inserts that make this shapewear look really cute, stylish and sexy – not a typical characteristics for the shapewear.

I was little bit worried regarding the size – if I manage to get the right size as the right size is extremely important for shapewear. The shapewear can be neither too big nor to small, otherwise it will not meet the expectations.

Best tummy flattening shapewear

My parameters: weight 138 lbs/63 kg; height 168 cm/5’5; waist 71 cm/27.9 inches; hips 96 cm/37.8 inches. I carry all of my weight in tummy and hips, I am pear-shaped.

When checking the sizing chart of the manufacturer and taking the measures, it seemed that I need to take size L, however, after reading the reviews other customers have left – I decided to go for size M – and it was the right choice 🙂

These tummy flattening panties don’t extend till the bust area so in case your are worried about any bra fat – this shapewear is not going to solve it.

Despite the lack of silicone grip inside the top hem, the panties don’t roll down due to boning in sides that keeps them in place. However, if you are inverted triangle then this shapewear could roll down.

The best tummy flattening shapewear slims down the tummy in seconds

The target area of these panties is tummy and back fat. It does redistribute the tummy and back fat and flatten the tummy by making the midsection look slimmer.

It also enhances derrière by lifting it up. However, it is not an extreme lift but a booty looks perkier for sure.

I have worn this Gotoly tummy shapewear for an entire day and I must admit – they are really comfortable and definitely give that little confidence boost.

Nevertheless, the panty line is quite visible if the shapewear is worn under thin form-fitting dress. Moreover, as the shapewear is relatively thick, it makes the thinner material crinkly and that doesn’t look good. So I will have to find some other tummy flattening shapewear to flatten the tummy under thin form-fitting clothes.

By taking into account that this shapewear is light/medium compression with intention to smooth out and flatten – I say that it meets the expectations and smoothes out the back bulges, as well as, flattens tummy.

So these tummy flattening panties:

✅ are suitable for everyday use ✅ can be used under tight but not very thin clothes ✅ flatten the tummy and smooth out back in a comfortable manner ✅ make the bum little perkier ✅ don’t roll down ✅ are reasonably priced

❌ not workable under thin form-fitting clothes ❌ create visible panty line ❌ quite thick material so not suitable for hot summer days

==> Get The Affordable and Sexy Tummy Flattening Gotoly Shapewear That Does Flatten The Tummy Here <==

What do others say about these tummy flattening panties:

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Firm Control Tummy Flattening Shapewear

Product: Nebility Hi-Waist Tummy Flattening Panty and Butt Lifter

Price: below $15

Features: Firm Tummy Control; Butt-Lifter; Sweat-Free Material; Breathable Material; Side Boning; Antibacterial Finish; Seamless; Available in col Black and Beige

Nebility Tummy flattening shapewear is among the best sellers in shapewear panty category by reaching an average of 3.9 stars out of 5 based on more than 2380 reviews. These shapewear panties are Nr.2 in category W’s Shapewear Panties and Nr.5 in category W’s Plus Size Shapewear on Amazon.

More than 65% of customers find the fit as expected so it is about studying the retailers measurement chart and taking the proper measures to determine the right size.

Women who have bought this tummy flattening shapewear advise it is comfortable and not tight around legs. The shapewear panties are said to stay in their place and not to roll down.

The shapewear is proven to flatten tummy and to lift the booty. Customers evaluate this body shaper as affordable, comfortable and sexy that does its job on the top of everything.

The material is said to be breathable and the panties are compatible with thin tight clothing.

Some customers claim the shapewear could cause issues for women less than 5 feet as it creates back bulges. It can be corrected by pulling the panties up but I guess that is not very convenient.

A number of customers complain about the length of the panties as it is shorter than expected and as it looks in the pictures. Women with long torsos advise the shapewear panties ends right at the waist and doesn’t meet the bra at all.

Overall, majority of customers are satisfied with the Nebility Tummy flattening shapewear panties due to the comfort, tummy flattening and but lifting properties, breathability, cute design and reasonable price.

==> Get the Breathable Tummy Flattening and Butt Lifting Nebility Shapewear Panties Here <==

Product: EMPETUA Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts

Price: below $30

Features: Firm Tummy Control; Butt-Lifter; Thigh Shaper; Anti-Slip Silicone Strip; Breathable Material; Lightweight; Seamless; Available in col Black and Beige; 90% Nylon/10% Spandex

Empetua Tummy flattening shapewear is Nr.1 best seller in shapewear panty category by reaching an average of 3.7 stars out of 5 based on more than 2800 reviews on Amazon.

62% of the customers find the fit of the shapewear as expected.

Women who have bought these shapewear panties evaluate the fit and comfort. The shapewear is said neither to roll down nor to roll up. Some customers, nevertheless, noticed some minor rolling down but they advised it can be solved by putting the bra over the edge of the shapewear.

Customers highly appreciate the thigh shaping property – shorter women advise the shorts extend till knees.

Customers state the panty line is not visible when wearing this shapewear. The shapewear is slimming and flattens the tummy though the effect is less than advertised.

Customers advise the shapewear is more suitable for longer torsos due to the long midsection of the shapewear.

Overall, customers state this tummy flattening shapewear is comfortable and suitable for all-day use on condition that the right size is ordered. It is said to flatten the tummy, firm and slim down the thighs. The butt lifting property is not very noticeable but it enhances the booty lightly.

==> Get the Empetua Tummy Flattening and Thigh Shaping Shorts Here <==

Spanx Tummy Flattening Shapewear

Product: SPANX Women’s Higher Power Panties

Price: between $35 and $90 depending on size and retailer

Features: Firm Tummy Control; Breathable Material; High-Waisted; Lightweight; Seamless; No-Slip Strip at Waist; Available in col Black and Nude; 51% Nylon/49% Spandex

Spanx® is among the strongest and best-know brands in shapewear market. It is proven to meet the expectations and do what is is supposed to do.

These Spanx® tummy flattening shapewear panties are listed as Nr.11 on Amazon best-seller list in category Shapewear Control panties.

The shapewear has reached an average of 3.8 stars out of 5 basing on more than 1300 reviews. 64% of all customers are satisfied with the purchase.

76% of women who have bought these shapewear panties state the fit is as expected. The shapewear is said to be extremely comfortable and suitable for about 8-hours-per-day use.

The control panties are particularly efficient in flattening the tummy so we can definitely list these panties amongst the best tummy flattening shapewear.

Majority of customers state the shaper doesn’t roll down, while others did experience that but it can be fixed by putting the bra on top of it. Others comment that the rolling issue could be the result of improper size so a measurement chart should be carefully checked before ordering to make sure the right size is ordered.

The material is said to be extremely stretchy and quite thin. As a result, some women have accidentally poked a small hole in the material – but if this is known in advance, it can be avoided.

Some customers state these shapewear panties are not compatible with tight form-fitting clothes due to visible transition from bottom to waist part.

A bottom line – even though these tummy flattening panties are comfortable and proven to flatten the tummy and smooth out the back bulges, it is definitely worth considering if the high price point justifies the possibility that your shapewear will:

  • roll down
  • need to be constantly adjusted during the wearing
  • get damaged during putting it on or taking off due to the thin material

==> Get the Effective Spanx® Tummy Flattening Panties Here <==

Product: Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief

Price: below $25

Features: Firm Tummy Control; High-Waisted; Lightweight; Seamless; Silicone Anti-Slip Waistband; Available in col White, Black and Beige; 70% Nylon/30% Elastane; Crotch Lining: 100% Cotton

Maidenform firm control tummy flattening shapewear panties are listed as 19th on Amazon best seller list. More than 2700 customers have reviewed these control panties by reaching an average 3.9 stars out of 5.

Maidenform Hi-Waisted tummy flattening panties are proven to flatten the tummy without squeezing the flesh on condition that the right size is ordered. 75% of customers state the fit as expected so getting the right size should not be a problem if following the measurement chart.

Women who have bought these control briefs evaluate the comfortable fit combined with the great tummy flattening properties. It is said to slim down the tummy by approximately 2 inches and smooth out the bulges.

Customers advise the shapewear is comfortable enough to be worn the whole day. The material is soft, pleasant and silky.

The silicone band does its job and the shapewear stays in its place without rolling down.

Even though the shapewear is advertised as seamless, women who have bought it advise the lines are visible under clothing so it is not suggested to wear it under tight thin form-fitting clothes.

Several customers though complain about the shapewear rolling down, however, the rolling down could also be the consequence of the incorrect sizing. Anyway, the biggest problem with this shapewear is the visible panty line so this should be considered before making the purchase.

To sum up, the Maidenform tummy flattening shapewear are proven to flatten the tummy by about 2 inches and smooth out the muffin top and bulges in a comfortable and pleasant manner. Majority of women affirm the shapewear doesn’t roll down while others state it does tend to roll down but it could also be a consequence of the improperly chosen size. The biggest issue, however, is the VPL.

==> Get the Maidenform Tummy Flattening Briefs Here <==

I hope you have managed to find the best tummy flattening shapewear from the options above as these are proven to flatten the tummy to majority of customers who have bought them.

Nevertheless, we have summarised the best sellers in tummy control shapewear category also below.

The tummy flattening shapewear is worth including in your wardrobe if you are looking for that little confidence booster. It flattens the tummy and smoothes out the midsection as long as it is in the right size.

So where do you shop for a shapewear and which is your best tummy flattening shapewear piece? Do you prefer certain brands or do you like experimenting? You are welcome to share your knowledge in comment section to the benefit of others who are looking for their perfect shapewear.

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  1. Let’s shape that.high waist banties is really little sister has be looking out for how to burn out her belly fats.and this is just the exact thing she can I get this high waist pant?this is really great never thought I would be able to to get this here.

    • Hey there

      There is no problem in getting the tummy flattening shapewear panties for you sister. But you need to detect the right size as this is a must for any Shapewear. You need to study the measurement and size chart carefully and take the proper measures to get the right size.

      Nevertheless, it also depends on the brand of the panties you are going to choose as some of the size chart is different for nearly each of the brand.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  2. I don’t know about you but as for me I crave a for lady with a curvy body and a flat tummy I would say a lot of men really do love ladies with such shape as well cos it keeps lady sexy when you see them in gown and other wears.

    So for all the Ladies out there… I will say you pick one of these sexy shape wear to retain  that your sexy shape and flat tummy for your to keep him coming for more

  3. Great site!  I think you could also benefit from adding more products.. This will help your readers further..  Your links are working great also and the material presented is plentiful.  Great job and great layout!  I will definitely recommended your site to my girlfriend for sure and come back to see more of your updated content  Keep it up! 

    • Hey Dave

      Thank you so much for your comment. As soon as I find more tummy flattening shapewear worth listing among the best ones, I will definitely add more products. At this point, these are the top choices that I have found and that are proven to work without sacrificing either style, comfort or convenience.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Thanks for this review – very informative. Shapewears come in handy and are good to have as a lady but I never really got one because I felt they may be uncomfortable under clothing. After reading your review, I have come to realize that you can get ones that are soft but still do the job. Size is also important as you wanna make sure it fits just right and you don’t want one that keeps rolling down because that is just too much hassle and defeats the purpose. I think I might go for the Gotoly panties as I like the lacey design more than the others. It also lifts the derrière so it does more than one job!

    • Hey there

      Gotoly tummy flattening shapewear panties are a great choice – I have been using these for a month now and can’t find any other flaw than the 2 I have already mentioned in the article. So this is a great option for such an affordable price.

      Happy shaping, Arta

  5. I’m loving this website already. Currently, my girlfriend is in the best shape of her life and I never want her to lose that. Although I know that’s impossible with pregnancy especially. However, I think the products on offer here can really help her get that figure back. I’m bookmarking this site for the right time. I will be back (in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice)

  6. It is amazing how popular tummy flattening underwear is becoming lately, both with the young and old. When I was younger I remember my granny wearing this type of thing. The underwear reminds me of the days when the ladies used to wear those uncomfortable corsets around their waists.

    I have tried underwear like this once before and found it very uncomfortable. Not only did it cut into my legs, but it also rolled up from the bottom and down from the top as the day went on. Is the underwear you recommend here designed not to do that?

    • Hey Michel

      The right size is what matters when it comes to any shapewear. If Shapewear is squeezing, rolling down and uncomfortable, it means that the size is not correct and you should size up.

      So as long as the shapewear is in the right size, it will do the job without squeezing, cutting in the legs and rolling. Moreover, you will feel comfortable.

      I have worn the Gotoly tummy flattening shapewear for days and all-day-long, and didn’t even felt I was wearing them except for the fact that my stomach was slimmer and I felt much more confident.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  7. I read within the site that the shape wear does not roll down and has a great feel to it! I also read the reviews and your body shape dimensions. The shape wear is VERY affordable. I wanted to ask if you catered to plus size women as the reviews appear to be amazing?

    • Hey there

      Without doubt, I will investigate also shapewear options for plus size women and will let you know when done. By the way Gotoly Tummy flattening panties are proven to work for plus sizes, as well.

      Happy shaping, Arta

  8. HI,

    I’ve never worn one of those although I’m a bit bulging in my tummy area. Maybe one of these days when I will be attending the wedding of my niece. But it got postponed because of this COVID-19 pandemic, so maybe next year when it will happen. 

    For me, I would try the SPANX women’s higher power panties because it looks and feels comfy and the cut in the thigh area is suitable for me. That’s how my panties are. It’s a bit pricey though, but as long as it’s comfy and the material is not itchy, then that’s all that matters.


  9. Just browsing as I would like to get one for my girl for something like a birthday gift and I hope she won’t take it the wrong way. It does seem like she has been adding a little bit of fat weight on her tummy and I do hope this would be able to make her loosen some of that belly fat. The prices are not bad and should be no problem. Just hope they get here in time though.

  10. Thanks for presenting such a wide range of the tummy-flatteners, and saving people so much time with comparative research. You’ve given me an idea what to recommend to one of my good friends, who’s told me that the present state of the lockdown has definitely left visible marks around her waistline..! Well, I’ve already told her to do what I do – exercise, yoga, jumping on a rebounder, (all the things I do) but she’s the type who’s never experienced the ‘high’ from exercise and just won’t do it. But at the same time, she is unhappy with her appearance. So when I’ll send her a surprise email with these links, I think she’ll be quite happy! 😉 Plus, I think that wearing one of these garments temporarily, and seeing oneself slimmer may actually create a motivation to give exercise a try! I also have one question: What is VPL? (Mentioned in the ‘Cons’ of Gotoly Tummy Flattening Shapewear.)  Thank you!

    • Hey Lucie

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad you have found this article about tummy flattening shapewear helpful.

      VPL stands for visible panty line.

      Happy shaping, Arta

  11. it is really necessary for me to get one of these for my sister as she has been complaining that her tummy has gone overboard because there is almost no way to burn out the fat accumulated due to the covid 19 outbreak. thank you very much for this article. it is really helpful

  12. Helo

    thanks for this amazing post. My girlfriend has been considering getting a tummy flattening shape wear, because her tummy has been more bigger than before. I believe this article will really be of help in selecting the one that will best suit her.  Personally I would prefer the Gotoly tummy flattening shapewear it looks so sexy. Lolz but you know her taste might be different so I will ensure I recommend this to her.

  13. Really cool post and timely as well. I must admit that the only brand on this list I had heard to was SPANX, but it is good to see other competitors out there. I say the post is timely because my wife is nearing the end of her pregnancy and one of these might be an option to give her some extra support after the baby comes. Thanks for writing this post and giving so many options!

  14. Great post.  No women wants back fat to show off.  Especially if you are going out to a fancier affair and need to look a little more smooth.  I like that word you used “Smooth”. 

    I like that these tummy flattening products, as they aren’t as tough and stiff as other shapewear that you need to kill to try and get into.

    I like the post a lot and you have offered some amazing options with great product description.  Very good job and it sure is going to help tons of women.  I also like the they don’t break the bank.  Things like this you may only need once in a while so if they are less expensive it makes it that much easier. Thanks

  15. Thanks for sharing such a concise and awesome article. women/girls with big tummy in different countries have been looking for ways to eradicate it, with this innovation, big tummy can be hidden while appearing sexy to your spouse with fattening shape wear. my aunt has been using it for some time now and she has always testify of the comfort she has using it.

    thanks best regards.

  16. thanks for sharing this post with us, tummy flattening shapewear is made to fulfil the following; to be instant slimmer, Invisible under clothes, Posture support, Confidence and self-esteem, Praise weight loss diet and fitness program. If any of these shapewear can meet up with these things then its advisable to obtain it. thanks and keep up the good work.

  17. Hallo there Arta, 

    Thanks heaps for the thorough review of the best tummy flattening shapewear. My wife has been feeling depressed about her tummy showing even on her favorite clothes and this is starting to affect me too. I have been trying to help her get a temporary solution even as she exercises. And I think getting one of these shapewears will do her a lot of good. I will show her this post and get to choose what she feels is her best fit. Thanks being completely thorough here.

  18. This is what we are searching for. My sister and I were looking for tummy flattening shapewear to wear at our cousin’s wedding.

    My sister loves the Gotoly tummy flattening panty which is sexy and lacey. For me, the Nebility hi-waist tummy flattening panty will suit me more. I like that it is seamless and not tight around the legs.

    Thank you for the information and will be back for more 🙂

  19. What a helpful post for women looking for the best way to lose belly fats! This is more of a shapewear therapy that’s really effective on the tummy, though it may take a couple of weeks or even months for the tummy flattening process to begin.

    I do have a cousin that will definitely find this post helpful. I’m also aware of the fact that the size of the shapewear has to be the right one.

    Israel Olatunji

    • Hey Israel

      Thank you for your comment. I have to say though that tummy flattening shapewear is flattening the tummy at once when you put it on – but these changes are visual. Shapewear is intended to re-distribute the fat, to slim down and smooth the silhouette visually.

      So in case you are looking for permanent results – a shapewear is not going to solve this. For permanent purpose I would suggest healthy eating combined with physical activities.

      Cheers, Arta

  20. Hello,

    Thank you for making this information available to everyone. The contents are very clear and the didactic behind the explanation is great. It’s illustrative and compelling.

    I love the way you described the prices regarding the best 5 tummy flattening shapewear. Therefore this site is very helpful I would recommend people to visit it, especially women.

    Everything is beautiful. I enjoyed reading the contents.


  21. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such useful message with us, I am really glad I got to salee these Post I believe these is exactly what my aunty really needs cause lately she had been complaining about her tummy so I decided to do some research, and wow I was amazed after seeing your site thanks for the info

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    After reading, I immediately recommended my wife to take a look, and I am sure she will get a lot of useful information and will agree with me that this can be very useful and nice. Thanks again and just keep up the good work. 

    I wish you all the best!

  23. I love the laces on the Gotoly. It looks sexy and appealing that I would be comfortable wearing it often and not feeling embarrassed when I am seen in my under garments. But I have large thighs and sometimes when wear tummy shapers, my thighs bulge out because the tummy shaper are so tights. What is your experience with that?

    • Hey Linda

      If the shapewear is in the right size and fit, then there shouldn’t be such an issue as you mention. The shapewear should be in the size according to your measures and the sizing chart of the particular brand.

      I am pear shaped myself and caring most of my weight in hips and thighs – and I have personally tested Gotoly shaping panties and I am still wearing them. I haven’t experienced any thigh bulge. The transition from the panties to the thighs is smooth and invisible.

      So I could say that the issue you have mentioned is either due to the wrong size or wrong fit of the shapewear.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  24. Hi there!

    When I’m wearing knitted skirt and after I done my meals, my tummy will show up and I will feel embarrase. Then, I found a great way to solve this problem, it’s to wear a tummy flattening shapewear! I always need a tummy flattening shapewear when I’m wearing a knitted skirt or dress, it’s because those clothes are so fit into my body. I feel its so important for every woman with tummy to have it.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information!

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  27. Thanks for the great review. I had ordered a tummy/thigh shaper in the past. It didn’t really work for me though I think it was just a cheap brand. After reading your article, I would definitely be willing to give this one a try. I especially would be interested in the one that flattens back/bra overhang fat, along with tummy control. Some products just squish the fat up and over making it worse. I would seriously consider this product after looking at your post! Thanks, and best regards, Lisa

  28. Well Im not a wearer lol but my wife is so will give you a brief review from a husbands view.  I am here to tell tat they look very sexy on her.  They seem to fit exactly how she wants them to.  I have noticed she feels much better about herself as well.

    Something that is important is they are actually very reasonably priced as well.

    Bottom line is if they make my wife feel good then thats what counts,

    Because of that I give a big thumbs up

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  31. I like it! My mom loves to wear it because it makes her feel better, more comfortable with her shape. In this site there are several Tummy Flattening Shapewear that I am sure my mom will love indeed I am going to share this article with her, she will be glad to read this info. My mother told me that sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect way to look great, that’s why she uses this. 

    Thanks for sharing. Well done.

  32. I recently purchased two types of shapewear. One was called Shapermint. It was okay, but it was not what I expected. I also purchased the Gotoly high waisted panties from your site. I liked them much better. They were firm and held up good.

    My problem is this: I have a very large stomach. Much larger than my hips. The issue with both items (and any type of shapewear) is that I have a BIG problem getting them to go up and over my huge stomach. They fit great over my hips to just a little past my belly button. Then the problems begin… 

    Do you suggest any shapewear that will fit over a large stomach/abdomen? I have type 2 diabetes and am going through menopause and it seems like ALL of my weight goes right to my stomach! Any suggestions you can make would be much appreciated!

    • Hey Karin

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Have you ever tried shapewear with a zipper closing on front of it?

      Hope this helps, otherwise PLS do not hesitate to ask again.

      Happy shaping, Arta

      • Hey Karin
        I have found the below options that are highly evaluated by women who have bought them so I do hope you could find your best shapewear among those:

        PLS let me know if you need any further help. I am sure together we can do it 🙂
        Hope this helps, Arta

  33. Who wouldn’t want their shape to look better.  I knew these sort of products were around, but I had never seen them in person.  You were able to actually try out the product, so that is a different from the average review I see.  I’m a guy, I wonder if there’s anything we can wear to pull the stomach in, that would be great!  Good, informative article about a subject I know little about, so now I am made aware of this, and may check into it if there’s something for guys.

    • Hey Anthony

      There are such products also for guys and I will look into this segment, as well. Will let you know when done.

      Cheers, Arta

  34. Do these products really work at flattening the midsection? Seems like the reviews at the bottom confirmed what you are saying. Here’s the problem for me, as a man, I wonder if there are products that would accomplish the same thing for me? I can run, work out, stretch, change my diet, and do yoga, but the midsection has a mind of its own responding telepathically to even just the smell of butter or bacon. 🙂 But I am serious about my question. Do these companies or any other companies you are aware of have products designed to help men do the tummy flattening thing?

    Thanks for your post and for the information! 🙂


    • Hey Darrin

      Yes, there are such products available also for men and I am going to look into this in future. Then I will let you know here.

      Cheers, Arta

  35. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have used a lot of tummy flatters in the past and I think I would like to get one of these as they really look to be of high quality.

  36. Lets shape that tummy:) Am thrilled about the information. I personally have been struggling with belly fat from march and i am going to buy for myself one. After reading through your piece of work, i have realize how shape wear comes in handy to a woman/ lady.  I really need to have a flat tummy and lift my but as soon as we get back to work.

  37. hellloo arta, thanks alot for sharing such an informative video, i am really glad i saw these post here, i do sell cloths online and my customers have been looking for tummy flattening shapewear, but i couldnt offer them, cause i dont know much about it, so i decided to do some research when i saw your content i believe your review on these product has helped me alot, kudos to you

  38. I don’t wear this, honest, although I have heard it is available for men. My wife used to sell similar things and I know that these are not only popular, but the results from using them are good and the feedback was exceptional. I showed my wife and she said it is amazing.

  39. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality informations in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. I planned on going to the shop in my neighborhood to get one of these shapewears but I don’t think I will do  that again, I will place an order for that Nebility Hi waist.

    thanks for sharing!

  40. I’ve always been skeptical of shapewear, but wine has made me rethink my stance. I’m becoming way too self conscious, and feel so frumpy. The ones you have at the top actually look pretty. Wouldn’t it feel tight though, or is that not too noticeable? I might just have to buy some soon. 

    • Hey Courtney

      The tightness of the shapewear depends on its compression level. Light/Medium and Firm compression shapewear is not too tight – fi the right size is worn you will feel just pleasantly contained in light compression and tighter hugged in firm compression shapewear. Extra firm shapewear is the tightest and it is intended to be worn just for a very special event for few hours.

      The contemporary materials make the good quality shapewear invisible – the ones I have personally tested and reviewed – meet this criteria. But you need to pay attention to the design, material and features of the shapewear to determine the compatible clothing.

      Happy shaping, Arta


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