The Basics of Light Control Body Shapers – From A to Z

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Light control body shapers are the gentlest level shapewear garments focused on smoothing out the silhouette and slenderising the body. This type of shapewear makes a great basis for the clothing to look and fit better.

The shapewear market is blooming by offering a vast, really vast range of different products. Moreover, the shapewear and fabric technologies have been developing constantly. As a result, it is possible to find any shapewear style in light control level allowing to target nearly any spot on the body.

Light control body shapers are perfect choice if wishing to slim down, control and support the needed areas on a daily basis. There are no limitations or restrictions regarding the usage of light control shapewear so it can be used every day to enhance the curves you have in a gentle manner.

Light Control Body Shapers – Daily Support in a Gentle Manner

The light control level is intended to enhance and highlight the natural curves, as well as, to accentuate the shape of your body. In the meantime, light control body shapers will smooth out the targeted areas to avoid rolls, bumps and lumps by slimming down the silhouette lightly.

So in case you are looking for for shaping or sculpting properties, light control shapewear is not going to be the right choice. Shaping is offered by Firm control body shapers, but sculpting, in its turn, by Extra Firm shapewear.

Which Light Control Body Shaper to Choose?

Light compression can be found in bodysuits, control knickers, slips, camisoles, leg-thigh shapers and any other type of the shapewear. The type to choose depends on the areas you wish to target.

However, the most important step when getting any shapewear is to get the RIGHT size of the shapewear. It absolutely doesn’t make any sense to get the size smaller (it sounds tempting, I know). But too tight shapewear will not only make you uncomfortable, but also smooth out nothing. On the contrary, it will create bumps and rolls by completely defeating the whole concept of the shapewear.

Moreover, shapewear that is too small creates unnecessary excessive pressure on the body and internal organs by increasing the risk of developing different health problems.

Light Control Body Briefer – Targeting the Torso-to-Hips Area

Light control body briefers are intended to smooth out the body starting from chest area to hips. Body briefers control and support the torso, tummy, back, waist and hips.

Open bust body briefers offer the option to wear your own bra for the perfect fit and utmost comfort, at the same time, offering push-up effect.

Light Control Shaping Knickers – Smoothing the Tummy and Defining the Booty

Light control shaping knickers are designed to smooth and flatten the tummy, trim the lumps around the midsection and love handles. If you wish to lift and define the booty, opt for a rear enhancing style.

Control panties are compatible with any piece of clothing – starting from dresses to pants, and also form-fitting pieces. However, you should pay attention whether or not the panties create visible panty line.

Light Control Camisole Shapewear – Focusing on the Upper Part of the Body

Usually there is no visual difference between shapewear camisole and the usual go-to camisole or tank top but there is so much more about the shapewear camisoles.

Just consider the lightweight and pleasant camisole shapewear streamlining the figure and creating a defined shape for the upper part of the body by toning and smoothing the tummy, waist, back and bust.

Light Control Leg Shapers – Firm the Lower Part of the Body

If you are looking for a garment to firm and smooth the tummy, booty, thighs and legs daily, light control leg shapers is the right way to go. The leg shapers usually are worn underneath pants, maxi skirts and maxi dresses.

There are leg shapers featuring rear enhancement feature so this is something to consider before choosing the right style.

Light Control Waist Cincher – Define the Waist

Waist cincher is designed to create a hourglass body shape by accentuating the waist. This is achieved by slimming down and nipping the waist. Opt for an extended waist cincher to slenderise the tummy and torso.

Sone waist cinchers come in cute and stylish patterns to be used as a design element on the top of the clothing.

Light Control Slip Shapewear – Designed for Shaping the Body Beneath Dresses

Shapewear slip is particularly designed to be worn beneath dresses and skirts. It is a contemporary version of the classic slip. The target areas of the slip shaper involve bust, back, tummy, waist and torso. The slip also firms the hips and thighs.

When shopping for a shapewear slip, it is a good idea to pay attention to its length. First, it is due to the areas you intend to target. And second, it is to match the length of the shapewear with the length of your dresses/skirts.

Light Control Mid-Thigh Shapers

Mid-thigh shapers refer to the shapewear shorts with high waist and mid-thigh length legs. As a result, this type of shapewear is perfect for women wishing to flatten and smooth the tummy, slim down the waist, lift the booty and firm the upper thighs.

Are Light Control Body Shapers Effective, Comfortable and Safe?

Without doubt, light control body shapers are comfortable as they are intended for daily usage. But for any shapewear the size is that matters – it is a must to get the RIGHT size of the shapewear to benefit from it without sacrificing the comfort and well-being.

The shapewear that is too small is very likely to roll up, to squeeze your body and create bulges. Moreover, as also previously mentioned it can pose certain risks to the health.

Seamless styles are proven to be more comfortable while styles with seams are proven to be more effective.

Light control (the same as firm or extra firm control) shapewear is proven to be effective. But you need to keep in mind the intention of each level of the shapewear:

  • Light Control – to smooth out and lightly shape
  • Firm Control – to shape and slim down
  • Extra Firm Control – to sculpt noticeably – therefore, this type of shapewear is not intended for prolonged usage – it is suggested to be used for special and certain events

But shapewear will not change the body – it will just fix the certain areas you target to boost the confidence and make you feel better if this is needed to make you feel better.

Light control shapewear exposes absolutely no danger to your health on condition it is in the right size. The best indicator is the level of your comfort – as long as you feel comfortable and your shapewear doesn’t squeeze anything, there is no reason to worry about.

Do I Need Light Control Body Shaper?

Well, if there are some areas about your body you wish to smooth out, flatten and slim down, light control body shaper will do the trick. Properly fitting body shaper compliments the pieces of clothing you wear. Light compression body shapers are of great help when:

  • avoiding visible seem-lines through the clothes
  • smoothing out bulges
  • reducing muffin top
  • enhancing and lifting the booty
  • flattening the tummy
  • defining the waist.

As long as you can tick any point of above, it is worth considering including light control shapewear in your wardrobe.

So When to Wear Light Control Shapewear?

As already mentioned above, light control body shapers are suitable for daily usage. This is due to the fact that this level of control is neither restrictive nor constricting so it is comfortable as long as on.

As a result, it is a great shapewear to complement your casual, work and daily outfit. It can be worn under jeans, tight skirts, body-con dresses or any other piece of clothing. Just remember to choose the right size and fit to benefit from the shapewear.

Features in Light Control Body Shapers to Look For

There are different features in shapewear to look for to increase the level of convenience. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Silicone Grip

Silicone grip is a feature to avoid either rolling down or rolling up. This is usually used either in top or bottom hems to keep the shapewear in its place.


Sometimes to avoid the shapewear from rolling down the boning feature is used. It is sewn in the waist part of the body shaper to add the additional level of support.

However, it also adds extra thickness to the shapewear by making it incompatible with thin, tight and form-fitting clothes as it might be visible through the clothing.

Snap Crotch or Hook and Eye Gusset

This feature is particularly relevant for panties and bodysuit styles as it increases the convenience of such shapewear when putting it on or off. Moreover, it adds up to the ease of access when going to the bathroom.

Defining Light Control Body Shapers for Certain Problem Areas

Usually a shapewear is chosen basing of the area you wish to target. So let’s define the most effective light control shapers fro certain target areas.

Stomach / Lower Tummy

Mid- to High-waisted control briefs are the most efficient shapewear garments when it comes to flattening the tummy.

Additional features:

  • look for short-bottom version to firm the thighs
  • rear enhancement property to lift up the booty

Muffin Top / Back Fat / Hips

The best shapewear to eliminate back fat and/or muffin top is high waisted control panties or bodysuit. These shapewear types are also proven to work the best when smoothing out the hips.

The higher the waist, the stronger the effect.


Any shapewear style with extended leg-part will do the trick. The most popular shapewear choices for thighs are shapewear shorts. However, there are available different lengths starting from upper thighs to capri length.

The entire leg smoothing is offered by shapewear leggings or tights.

So it depends on the length of the clothing you intend to wear the shapewear underneath.

The additional benefit of thigh-oriented shapewear is the prevention of chafing.


Here you would need to understand whether you need to flatten or to lift the bum as both of these options are possible. Both of these features can be in nearly any shapewear garment as long as it is mentioned in product description.

Nevertheless, the most popular styles targeting the booty are control panties.


If you are after overall slimming and toned outfit, the shapewear options involve bodysuit or shapewear slip (if it is intended to be worn under dress/skirts).

Here the different patterns are limitless – you can opt for strapless, backless, plunging, and even short-bottom styles.


Without doubt, the most efficient shapewear to define and slim down the waist is waist cincher. However, also high-waisted control briefs or bodysuit will do the justice.

Extended waist cincher will target the tummy, as well.

Sometimes some slimming here and some smoothing there is everything that is needed and light control body shapers are there to do all of this by ensuring comfort all-day-long.

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  1. Very informative post.  I dont know where I stand on body shapers because I try to believe in being natural the way we were made to be.  But I am sure there are some health benefits to doing this too.  So to each their own.  You did provide amazing information that can help anybody make an informative decision on buying a body shaper.  This will go a long way.  Great post 

  2. Hello!
    To be honest I am not really a fan of unnatural body shaping. First of all I think we should love our bodies the way they are, and know that they don’t need to look perfect! 

    But if we really wanted to change something we can always exercise of change your diet.

    Things like this can be useful for certain important events when we don’t have time to change our look so fast. Anyway, good to know those kind of things exist, thank you for this review! 🙂

    • Hey there

      Light control body shaper has nothing to do with unnatural body shaping. It is rather smoothing out and lightly flattening the target areas to increase self-confidence.

      Light control body shaper will not remove body fat, neither it will make you look a size or 2 smaller. But it will re-distribute the fat and make the body firmer by smoothing out bulges and rolls.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed valuable. Thanks for sharing such a timely information. I have learnt a whole lot from this article. I found the Light Control Shaping Knickers more interesting since it is effective in smoothening and flattening the tummy which has been my major concern for sometime, I will definitely do well to have one. Warm Regards

  4. Hello there thanks for the review it is of great value. Body shapers are a good way of making the body fit for any cloth to be worn. Numerous styles of shape wear exist, allowing you to wear them underneath almost any style of clothing. I know a couple of friends who have used this and from what I’ve observed so far, body shapers do not give your body a permanent shape. It is just temporary and then your body goes back to its original shape.


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