Firm Body Shapers – 2 Steps to Find The Right Ones

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Firm Body Shapers

Firm body shapers refer to the medium-high or strong compression shapewear. Firm compression is the second intensity level meaning that the shapewear will shape and slenderise the body by lifting where needed and emphasising your curves.

By combining the functionality of contemporary high-elasticity materials with sophisticated design elements, firm compression shapewear will instantly slim down the waist, flatten the tummy, slenderise hips and thighs or any other target area of yours depending on the type of shapewear you have chosen.

Firm Body Shapers – Slimming the Body Instantly

There are many types of firm compression shapewear so it is about defining the targets and focus areas to make sure the shapewear meets the expectations.

But before that, there is one important thing to mention that comes upfront to everything else.

The Most Important Thing When Shopping for Firm Body Shapers

When shopping for firm body shapers (and actually any shapewear), the most important thing is to get the right size and fit.

Proper fit and right size of the shapewear is a must. Otherwise, the shapewear will simply fail fulfilling its promises and your intentions.

Shapewear that is too big will do nothing… because it is too big with no possibility to do what it is intended to do.

Although downsizing could feel tempting, it won’t do any trick, other than pinching and squeezing all the wrong places, creating lumps and bumps and definitely defeating the whole concept of the body shaper as that. But above everything, it will inflict unnecessary pressure on your body and organs by increasing the risk of blood clots, tingling and numbness.

Body shaper should fit like a glove to perform its job in a proper manner. So before any purchase for shapewear is made, you should measure yourself and check the sizing chart to make sure the right size is ordered. If any doubts, better to re-check with the seller for their suggestions.

High-quality firm compression shapewear will always be comfortable, if it isn’t – then you should size it up.

Choosing the Right Style of The Body Shaper

Body shapers are proven to enhance and smooth out the figure where needed. Moreover, they create a perfect base layer for your clothing (especially the tight and form-fitting ones).

Choosing body shaper is like choosing real estate with the main name of the game being LOCATION. Not everyone needs or wishes for a house near the beach (or enhanced rear… or firmer thighs… or cinched waist) to be on cloud nine. So it is about understanding the spots of your body you feel insecure about to turn them into a comfort zone.

The shapewear market is thriving and offering a vast range of different firm body shapers targeting different areas of the body.

Firm Control Camisole Shapewear – Focusing on The Upper Part of the Body

Firm control camisole shapewear is good for flattening the tummy are and creating a smaller waist. Moreover, it will help to smooth out any back lumps and bumps, love handles and bra fat.

When shopping for a camisole shapewear, additional bonus is considered if the garment features built-in bra.

So to summarise, firm control camisole shapewear:

  • flattens tummy
  • slims down the waist
  • smooths out the silhouette starting with love handles to any bra fat

Firm Tummy Control Panties – Having The Booty Controlled

Firm tummy control panties are good for flattening the tummy, slenderising hips and rear. Certain styles will help you also to slim down the top of thighs.

Opt for a high-waisted style reaching the boobs area to slim down and smooth out the torso. Some styles feature butt-lifting option instead of flattening it.

Firm tummy control panties will:

  • flatten the tummy
  • slim down hips and top of thighs
  • slenderise or lift up the booty depending on the style
  • eliminate panty line
  • smooth out the torso if high-waisted option is chose

Firm Control Leggings to Slenderise The Lower Part of the Body

Firm control leggings will help with slimming the tummy, slenderising thighs, hips and the entire leg. This type of shapewear will perk up the buttock and at the same time help to eliminate the panty line.

The high-waisted versions will shape the whole midsection.

Firm control leggings will:

  • slim down the tummy
  • reduce thighs and hips
  • slenderise legs
  • lift the bum
  • eliminate panty line
  • if comes high-waisted, slenderises the whole midsection

5 Benefits of Firm Control Bodysuit Shapewear

Firm control bodysuit shapewear will shape the whole torso by flattening tummy, smoothing out the back fat and slimming down the waist to some extent. Depending on the type of bottom, this shapewear style is also capable of slimming or enhancing the bum.

Opt for bodysuit with built-in bra cups to avoid flattening the bust. Another option is to go for open bust bodysuit as it allows to wear your own bra.

Backless bodysuit is intended for low-cut/backless clothing – tops and dresses.

Bodysuit shapewear is usually paired with loose-bottom dresses, skirts or trousers, just pay attention whether or not the panty line is going to be visible. In order to avoid the VPL, go for the -thong or -shorts version.

Firm control bodysuit shapewear:

  • flattens tummy
  • slenderises the waist
  • smooths out the back fat
  • slims down or lifts up the booty
  • firms hips and thighs if shorted version is chosen

Firm Control Slip Shapewear – Particularly Suitable for Certain Pieces of Clothing

Firm control slip shapewear is a great choice if wishing to smooth out the silhouette, bulges and any back fat. Shapewear slip flattens the tummy, slims down the hips and firms the thighs.

This shapewear type is usually worn under sheer or very thin clothing – skirts and dresses.

Firm control slip shapewear will:

  • flatten the tummy
  • smooth out bulges and love handles
  • slim down hips
  • firm thighs

The Main Intention of Firm Control Waist Cincher

Firm control waist cincher will focus on waist by slimming down the midsection and creating much more defined waist. It also smooths out the back by eliminating the love handles and bumps. The waist cincher helps to create hourglass body shape.

Waist cincher is the modern version of the corset and a functional fashion element – many women choose to wear the waist cincher over the clothes as a stylish accessory with the secret intention.

Firm control waist cincher helps with:

  • defining the waist
  • slimming down and smoothing out the midsection

Firm Control Shapewear is able to enhance and shape the body by creating streamlined basis for the clothing.

Getting the right size and fit of firm body shapers is extremely important to benefit from it and avoid threatening your health.

The best indicator is your own comfort – if you feel comfortable in your shapewear, then there is no reason for worries.

The shapewear market is full of different choices so any insecurity can be targeted and the right support for any body can be provided. It is just about defining the right targets and matching the relevant shapewear type.

So where do you shop for a shapewear? Do you buy it online or in stores? Which is your favourite shapewear brand?

You are welcome to leave your comment in the comment section as somebody could benefit from your experience and knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Firm Body Shapers – 2 Steps to Find The Right Ones”

  1. This is good to know before shopping so that it’s easier to narrow down the choices to the right kind of body shaper needed for the outfit. A firm control camisole shapewear piece would be great for an upcoming formal dress event — do you have a favorite brand or two that has the best quality that you would recommend? Thanks so much for sharing what each type of body shaper can do!

    • Hey Aly

      I would actually recommend you considering either firm control slip shapewear or bodysuit shaper for a formal dress event. You are welcome to check out on backless slip shapewear – a perfect choice underneath formal or any dress – here I would recommend Fleexes Maidenform due to the great quality, performance and fit this brand is proven to offer.

      Other good choice would be bodysuit shapewear – I am investigating this topic now and already made a choice for myself – as soon as I receive it, I will test and review, and let you know here.

      Up to now my favourite brands are Gotoly and Maidenform – these are reasonably priced and of good quality. But, without doubt, I continue my path to testing the shapewear pieces to continue building my shapewear wardrobe and helping others do so, as well, by publishing the results of my investigations 🙂

      Happy shaping, Arta


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