Finding the Perfect Firm Control Camisole Shapewear

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firm control camisole shapewear

“Shapewear” is a generalized term referring to under-clothing that women wear to mold their bodies into a shape they desire and build confidence.

Shapewear comes in different levels of control; otherwise known as compression levels – they compress the body at varying degrees, giving desired results according to their strength.

Level 1 compression is light and smooth. This type of shapewear only serves to add a slight boost by holding some spots in place (just like a second layer of skin).

Level 2 is firmer and comfortably contours the body shape- in the targeted area, at least for the entire day. The level 3 compression is extra firm and high control that ultimately helps you achieve the desired lasting slimming effect.

The Shapewear Camisole

Out of the various types of shapewear, I want to draw your attention to the camisole (or cami, as your friends would call it). Now a camisole is a sleeveless underwear, but with straps, that we wear stretching to the waist. The camisole targets the upper parts of the body, and while we can sometimes use it for the bra, we use it for the torso.

Specifically, the firm control camisole shapewear supports the trunk – we can also use it to control and reduce the tummy in the end.

Clothes compatible with the camisole:

  • I would comfortably wear a camisole with a cute bra underneath.
  • When I am in the office, my camisole under a blazer or cardigan gives me the comfort of a confident woman.
  • I also rock in this sexy skirt and a tucked-in camisole to parties.
  • The camisole also works magic on me with jeans and a kimono, try it out, and you will see.

Pay Attention When Shopping for Shapewear Camisole

I go for camis that perfectly blend with my body, which is good for my skin and size. It is not easy to get a perfect camisole, but if you clearly know what you are looking for, you will find it. Here are some tips that I recommend:

If you have a bigger bust, like mine, look for camisoles with bigger straps – I choose cami without built-in bras so that I can wear a bra inside. The broad straps help to hide the smaller bra stripes. What would your friend who has a more modest bust wear?

Well, I would advise them to go for the opposite of what I leave when I am selecting a new cami- the one with an in-built bra. These types tend to have more control, and allow room for stretching, that is, in case one experiences weight addition.

For me, the best fabrics I choose for my firm control shapewear camisole are cotton and silk- I want silk generally for beauty, but my most favorite is the cotton cami. This is why:

  • It is smooth, leaving a comfortable feeling to my skin.
  • It does not absorb so much heat- this helps me keep cool in hot weather.
  • Cotton fabrics are relatively durable.
  • It generally looks good on me.

Benefits of Firm Control Camisole Shapewear

  • You can wear a camisole shapewear comfortably every day. I wear it on all occasions, everywhere, and have not experienced any problems so far. However, I do not put it on for more than eight hours a day, not at night whatsoever.
  • I like this camisole because I can wear it comfortably as either undergarment or even outerwear without anyone noticing that it is shapewear.
  • It builds confidence since I feel comfortable inside it. Lack of self-confidence causes low self-esteem, which, apart from bringing down our productivity by making us less active, may also lead to depression. On the other hand, a self-confident woman is attractive and energetic. 
  • When I am wearing this type of camisole as an undergarment, my outer clothes seems to fit me so perfectly- those that come with adjustable straps can fit anyone perfectly by adjusting the straps.
  • It helps keep me active while in the gym; the warm- tight grasping feeling that comes with wearing it seems to give me energy while working out.
  • I like it because it provides a break from having to pretend in public that you do not have extra skin on the tummy, by sucking pushing it in and having to hold your breath.
  • It comes with an elastic strap made from silicone material, inside the bottom hem- this prevents possible ride-up and puts the camisole I intend it to be, covering the whole torso.
  • Did you know wearing a shaping camisole can help in managing abdominal cramps? The pressure it puts on the abdominal area for not less than eight hours a day is enough to suppress the pain that comes with menstruation.
  • Firm control camisoles come in different colors, designs, and styles. I usually go for the one that fits my size- I am plus size. I look for the perfect size that will make me feel comfortable all the time. Sometimes, the adjustable straps model works fine for me since I can adjust it to fit my size without much difficulty.
  • I do not choose a camisole that fails to cover my tummy correctly. Full tummy coverage is necessary for the cami to serve its purpose. That is, flatten my belly- I do not want to end up with an uneven torso. 

Who Benefits From This Shapewear?

This shapewear is for any woman who is on a weight loss program. It acts as a weight loss booster, especially on the part of wearing it during work out. While it does not act as a weight losing catalyst in itself, it helps in taking steps towards that realisation.

It also suits the woman who, sometimes, after delivery, the tummy tends to have extra fat accumulating. The firm control camisole can help to control this fat and help in achieving a slender body shape.

Generally, for a woman who desires to obtain the feminine posture that enhances beauty and shows confidence in photos – it enhances photogenic qualities.

Since it can also replace bras, it comes as a relief to women who are tired of creased shoulders caused by bra straps. For the woman with large breasts, firm control camisole holds them firmly in place just as it holds the tummy. 


No doubt wearing the firm control camisole shapewear can boost a woman’s self-confidence a great deal. While there is no proof of any problem that may arise from wearing camisole shapers continuously, there is proof that indeed, it has helped women get along with their everyday activities without having to worry about how their bodies look.

Choosing the right body-shaping camisole is critical in determining whether the choice we make helps us achieve the end that we desire.

However, once we overcome the hurdle of choosing, we enjoy the benefits that come with the right choice, as outlined above. We also get a chance to know our bodies better and take a step in the journey of achieving permanent slimming.

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  1. Hi and thanks for this. This is a real education. Reading this I understand maybe some of the reasons why gift purchases I have made for my wife when I have been on business trips in Europe, though well-meaning I like to think, have ultimately failed to be worn with any consistency. Without getting into the details, I think I can conclude that there are contours that my wife wants to accentuate and others that she would want to control – as you say. Clearly, if I pay maybe a little more attention to these simple facts I will probably get a higher success rate with my purchases. Thanks very much for the education. Best regards, Andy

  2. Thank you Arta, I have been wearing a control camisole shapewear for more than 10 years now. I have enjoyed the benefits of looking shapely but I have learnt a lot more reading your post. I never wore my shape wear to the gym, I didnt know you could do that. Also I took off my shaper when I felt abdominal pain, now I know it will help, I’ll keep it on. Thanks Arta, keep up the good work!


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