The Truth About Extra Firm Control Shapewear

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Extra Firm Control Shapewear - The Ultimate Control

If you are looking for a gear capable of shaping your silhouette and shape it just the way you want, look no further – extra firm control shapewear is the right one.

Extra firm control shapewear is extremely strong when it comes to the shaping control. Your tummy, hips and tights are controlled in a definite slimming manner by providing great results. The bottom and waist areas are given a lot, loads of shape, if you know what I mean 🙂

Extra Firm Control Shapewear – The Ultimate Control and Shaping

Extra firm control shapewear is proven to be a really amazing and cool stuff. It slims and smooths out your silhouette in seconds. This type of shapewear is made for women wishing to feel it and feel it working.

The high compression gear made of extremely slimming materials instantly reduces the waist, tummy area, hips, thighs or anything else you intend to slenderise. Moreover, it is also capable of lifting and enhancing the curves.

In other words, this garment re-shapes the body with maximum results.

However, owing to its tightness and extra strong performance, extra firm shapewear is NOT an everyday shapewear. It is rather a special event shapewear now and then, but it is highly suggested to AVOID using it every day.

What to Pay Attention to When Looking for the Extra Firm Control Shapewear?

Extra Firm Control Shapewear

Owing to the great variety of shapewear available on the market, it could get quite overwhelming till you get on the right track.

Consequently, there are few tips to keep in mind when shopping not only extra firm control shapewear but also any other type of shapewear. These will help to make the right choice.

But to begin with – there are 2 important steps to take.

Step Nr 1 – Defining the Target

To begin with, it is essential to determine the areas you would wish to target. This step will make the shopping process much easier.

If the target is the midsection area including tummy and love handles, shaping panties will do the trick. If you want to shape also your thighs and rear, shaping shorts will be the right choice.

However, if you think that all of your body should be sculpted and smoothed, you should go for a full body shaper.

Step Nr 2 – Finding the Right Size

This is probably the most important part of your shapewear journey. In order to benefit from the shapewear, it definitely should be in the right size.

The right size shapewear will not only give the desirable results and work for you, but it will also keep you comfortable.

The key to getting the right size is proper measures of yourself. When the measures are taken, make sure to carefully check the size charts given by the retailers, compare these with your measures, and in case of doubts, always get in touch with the retailer to make sure the right size is ordered.

As the sizes per brands are different, it is important to check the size chart of each brand you are considering.

High Compression Shapewear – Not for Begginers

Extra firm control shapewear

If you are a beginner in shapewear world, I would highly suggest going for light compression shapewear instead of the high one. It is due to the fact that high compression puts the maximum emphasis on shaping and your body most likely is not used to this.

It would be much more considerate of your body to start with light compression so that you can adjust to wearing it.

Light compression shapewear is much gentler than the extra firm one so it is a great start to get used to this type of garment in general without sacrificing your own comfort and wellness and only then increase the level of compression gradually.

Extra Firm Control Shapewear does…

  • slenderise your body noticeably
  • smooth out any bulges and love handles around the midsection, harden and control thighs by enhancing your body shape and emphasising natural curves
  • shape and lift your booty by making it visually rounder and smaller
  • suck in and flatten your waist
  • help to get in tight clothes much easier
  • make it a struggle to get into it – but the result is definitely worth every minute spent on this process
  • challenge when getting the back off – consequently, the best idea is to look for a high compression shapewear featuring inset opening to avoid the fight with clothing 🙂

Extra Firm Control Shapewear doesn’t…

  • ensure full comfort – just consider all of the slimming and flattening features it offers – there is no other way of doing these miracles without being really tight. And this, in it’s turn, sacrifices the comfort. You are going to feel tied up to some extent in this garment
  • make it an easy task to put it on or get it off. And if you are going to try to put it on after the shower, it is even more challenging due to the damp skin
  • reduce the waist circuit. In order to do that, you should consider getting extra firm control waist cincher.

Some More Tips

Extra Firm Control shapewear

I know it could be tempting to getting a smaller shapewear for a trimmer look.

However, if this kind of garment is too small, it will ride up, create not nice rolls and the whole concept of shapewear will be defeated.

Moreover, you will not feel comfortable in a shapewear that is too small.

There is a choice to wear or not to wear underwear when wearing the shapewear. If you choose to wear both underwear and shapewear, I would suggest going for seamless panties and bras. Otherwise, each line of your underwear will be clearly visible through the shapewear.

Overall, there are 3 major shapewear intensity levels:

  • Light compression = gentle shaping and smoothing out
  • Firm / Medium-High compression = more definite/tighter shaping and appearance
  • Extra Firm compression = quite dramatic shaping and correction

Depending on the type of your shapewear there are different things to pay attention to:

Extra Firm Shapewear BODYSUIT

  • soft shoulder straps will be more comfortable
  • adjustable straps will allow you to customise the bodysuit
  • high back will cover bra lines and bulges
  • you can choose either an open front bodysuit that can be worn with your own bra or a bodysuit with a built-in bra
  • if opting for a bodysuit with a built-in bra, pay attention whether it comes with an underwire (for increased support) or not
  • there are styles with built-in detachable panties
  • this type of shapewear offers superior tummy control
  • some styles feature hidden boning in the middle section to cinch the waist
  • the bottom part can be either briefs or shorts
  • if going for a bodysuit with brief-bottom, there are styles with dig-free leg cuts
  • pay attention whether the leg openings are anti-slip to avoid rolling up

Extra Firm Shapewear SLIP

  • slip dress design to hide back bulges and smooth out the silhouette – this is the perfect choice when planning to wear body con dress
  • slip skirt design with high waist to flatten tummy and focus on bottom part of the body
  • lifts and shapes the booty
  • go for the seamless design under tight dress or skirt
  • special lining at the bottom hem to avoid rolling
  • pay attention to the length of the slip

Extra Firm Control THIGH Shaper

  • high waited to flatten tummy and hide any back bulge
  • anti-slip lining inside the top hem
  • hidden boning in the middle section of the shapewear to smooth and shape the waist
  • there are styles putting extra focus on the bum – ruched material, zoning panels help to to slim down, lift and shape the booty
  • anti-rolling lining inside the bottom hems of the short leg openings
  • different lengths of the short bottom are available so this should be kept in mind when choosing thigh shaper depending on what do you intend to wear it beneath

Extra Firm Control PANTIES

  • higher waisted to shape and control tummy, to smooth out back bulges
  • lower waisted to focus on shaping and lifting the bum
  • anti-rolling lining or grip strip on leg opening edges to stay in place
  • workmanship around leg openings – some come with soft/flexible panels to avoid it standing out against the booty

Extra Firm Control THONG Shapewear

  • high waisted to smooth out silhouette and control tummy
  • anti-slip lining to keep the shapewear in its place
  • seamless front to wear with tight clothing
  • seams in the sides to shape and smooth out

Extra Firm Control Shapewear is a confidence booster as long as the right size and type of the shapewear is chosen!

So take your time to make the right choice and benefit from the shapewear!

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  1. Nice and informative post on extra firm control shape wear. This post provides us with all the information we need to know about extra firm shape wear. Very helpful. You 100% provides all the truth that we need to know about extra firm control shapwear. Great post. I will recommend your post to my friend who will find it so helpful 

  2. This extra firm shapewear sounds very interesting indeed. It reminds me several years back they had these pod looking things you could get into and it would compress your body so you’d be slimmer for a while.

    I have two questions though.

    Is having something compress your body over a long period of time harmful to your skin or internal organs? Also do they make something like this for guys?

    I know there are several men that would like to lose a few inches off the waist when going to an event or something.

    • Hey Michael

      It is all about getting the right size – if the shapewear is fitting you right, it will smooth and slim without any negative effect on the health. However, extra firm shapewear is usually intended for special events – it is not meant to be worn each day. 

      So if these 2 conditions are met, it will not expose your health to danger. 

      Otherwise, it could. I have mentioned it here, as well, when discussing about the right size of the shapewear.

      To answer your second question – yes, there are shapewear pieces for men, as well, and I intend to investigate about these, as well.

      Once done, I will publish the results here.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. I often wondered about the best way to go with these, as there are so many on the market. The break-down on the level of ‘intensity’ is also good, my only question is before I purchase one is does the ‘intensity’ impact on the comfortability?  I would like one possibly for my wedding day!

    • Hey Kae

      Without doubt, the level of intensity does have an influence on the level of comfort. The extra Firm Control Shapewear will sacrifice the level of the comfort so it is particularly suggested to use such a shapewear only for a special events (such as wedding day) but to avoid using it daily.

      So this is up to you to decide – whether or not to choose extra firm shapewear for your wedding day as it will affect your comfort.

      Every woman wants to look and feel special in her wedding day, so it is a very special day. So you need to be honest with yourself to understand whether or not you need the extra firm shapewear (it sculpts the body), or perhaps it is sufficient with firm or light shapewear, or maybe no shapewear is needed at all.

      Regardless the control level of the shapewear, it is a must to get the RIGHT size to benefit from the shapewear.

      Hope this helps, Arta

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