Body Shaper Slip

Body Shaper Slip – 4 Steps To Find The Right One

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Body Shaper Slip

Body shaper or shapewear is a piece of clothing to be worn under garments with an intention to smooth out or shape the figure.

Body shaper slip is a type of shapewear that is fitting loose and is meant to be worn under dresses and skirts.

In general the slip can be divided into two types:

  • full slip – designed for use underneath dresses
  • half slip – designed for use underneath skirts

Body Shaper Slip – What Is It and Do I Need It?

Shapewear slip is a combination of shaping properties of the shapewear and smoothing properties of slip itself. As a result, we get the figure-slimming undergarment that is meant to be worn under fitting and tight clothing – dresses and skirt.

Body shaper slip is more gentle and delicate if compared to other types of shapewear. Therefore, it is a good choice for women feeling insecure about wearing shapewear. It is also a good first-hand choice when starting to think about wearing the shapewear as it helps to get used to it and to understand how does it work.

In general, there are several purposes the slip is capable of serving.

To begin with, body shaper slip works as a barrier in between your clothing and skin.

On the one hand, the slip protects your skin from any influence the material could have on it (chafe, rash, irritation, etc).

While on the other hand, the slip protects the material (especially fine and sensitive fabrics) from any influence your body could have on it, such as, sweat or body oil and etc.

Moreover, slip smoothes out your silhouette by making your dress and skirt hang nicely. It emphasizes the curves of the body by finishing your outlook in a streamlined manner.

Which Type of Body Shaper Slip to Choose?

Basically we could define 4 types of body shaper slip each with its particular intention targeting certain body areas and offering diverse coverage. Let’s look at them.

Half Slip Shapewear or Shaping Skirt Slip

Half slip shapewear or in other words shaping skirt slip is intended to be used to smooth out the body while wearing skirts. Usually this type of shapewear slip starts around the middle of your torso/waist and is either upper/mid-thigh- or even knee- long.

The different lengths the half slip shapewear comes in are due to the different lengths of the skirts available to enable accommodating both mini and maxi skirts and anything in between.

Shaping skirt slip will slim down and shape the thighs, rear and waist-tummy area. Moreover, it is also capable of lifting the booty and smoothing out the silhouette under the tight skirts.

Half Slip Shapewear Will:
  • flatten the tummy
  • smooth out the love handles
  • lift and sculpt the booty
  • smooth and shape the thighs

Body Shaper Full Slip

Body Shaper Full Slip

Body shaper full slip, in its turn, is a full-body-coverage shapewear slimming, smoothing out and shaping the body beneath form-fitting short or long dresses. The top edge of the full slip shapewear is somewhere in the bust area by extending to the mid-thigh or knee-length.

Usually full slip is designed with straps that holds it. Nevertheless, it is possible also to get a strapless full slip.

Full slip will shape, flatten and smooth out the entire middle section of your body. It is also intended to target any insecurity or problem area around and starting from the bust and middle area to the backside and lower part of the body – booty and thighs.

Body Shaper Full Slip Will:
  • smooth out the shilhouette
  • flatten and control the tummy
  • slim down and define the waist
  • conceal back bulges
  • camouflage love handles
  • lift the rear
  • form and shape the booty
  • smooth and shape the thighs

Strapless Slip Shapewear

When wearing a bandeau dress or a dress without sleeves, the straps of the full slip shapewear are likely to become a challenge. Unless you want to reveal this secret of yours, some action has be taken.

This is where a strapless slip shapewear comes in the game as it offers all of the same benefits as the body shaper full slip does, just that it comes without straps. The strapless design helps to keep the shapewear invisible beneath your clothes.

Strapless Slip Shapewear Will:
  • smooth out the shilhouette
  • flatten and control the tummy
  • slim down and define the waist
  • conceal back bulges
  • camouflage love handles
  • lift the rear
  • form and shape the booty
  • smooth and shape the thighs

Backless Slip Shapewear

Backless Slip Shapewear

Body shaper full slip is a great slimming undergarment till the moment the time has come to wear low back dress. Such type of dress will make any full slip shapewear visible unless you go for the backless slip shapewear option.

Backless slip Shapewear is designed to remain invisible when wearing backless or low back clothing so it allows you to enjoy the benefits of shapewear without revealing your figure-smoothing secret.

Consequently, backless slip shapewear will offer all of the benefits full slip shapewear offers except the ones referring to the back of your body due to the backless design. The length of the backless shapewear slip is from the bust to the mid thighs by sculpting and shaping everything in between.

Backless Slip Shapewear Will:
  • smooth out the shilhouette
  • flatten and control the tummy
  • slim down and define the waist
  • lift the rear
  • form and shape the booty
  • smooth and shape the thighs

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Body Shaper SlipPay Attention to the Bust Support

When shopping for a body shaper slip, additional thing to pay attention to is the bust support. There are several options available so you can choose the most suitable one.

Classic body shaper full slip ensures certain level of support also to the bust area. However, it most cases it will flatten the shape of the bust, as well.

In other cases, the slip comes with a thin material in the bust area to avoid flattened bust – but this requires to wear your bra underneath the shapewear. As a result, it gets bulky and inconvenient.

In order to avoid flattening the bust area or several layers of the undergarments, it is a good idea to choose either a shapewear slip with built in bra or open bust slip shapewear.

Bra slip shapewear features built-in bra by offering increased support thus. Open bust slip shapewear, in its turn, allows you to wear your own bra with the shapewear. Either way the bust is not flattened and the needed control and support is ensured.

Body Shaper Slips – Choosing the Right One

We could distinguish 4 main steps in the way of choosing the right body shaper slip. Let’s look at those.

Step Nr.1: Define the Target and Type of Clothing You Intend to Wear The Slip Underneath

Whenever shopping for any shapewear, it is important to define the target as different types of shapewear target different areas of the body. So it is important to know what you are looking for to find what you need.

As previously described in this article, different types of slip shapewear:

  • target different areas
  • are intended to be worn under different types of clothing

The perfect body shaper slip should be chosen basing on both above points.

The truth is that if the shapewear is chosen randomly, it will most likely not make you happy. The shapewear has a certain mission to help you with the areas you feel insecure about. Therefore, if not targeted like that, it will neither be able to fulfil its mission nor deliver the results you expect. So it is extremely important you are honest with yourself and define the right targets when shopping for a shapewear.

Step Nr.2: Emphasise Your Curves Instead of Flattening Them

Shapewear is not about squeezing your flesh and flattening your curves. Instead, it is meant to smooth out, control, slim, slenderise and shape by re-distributing the fat.

Body shaper slip is gentle and light control. It smoothes out the silhouette beneath the skirt or dress by creating a clear and firm outline. Too tight or small shapewear will squeeze the flesh by creating bumps and lumps instead of smoothing them out.

If the compression is too intense, it can also lead to a possible harm to your health as the internal organs are under the extra pressure, as well. And this is definitely something that should be avoided.

Therefore, the right fit of the shapewear is a must. The shapewear is supposed NOT to be uncomfortable. Rather than that, you should feel gently hugged and snugly fitted when wearing it.

If feeling uncomfortable, the first thing to check on is the size of the shapewear. If this problem isn’t fixed by a bigger size, the style of the shapewear should be re-considered. As any shapewear, also body shaper slips feature different compression levels and some compression levels just don’t work for certain curves.

Step Nr.3: Body Shaper Slip in Action

It doesn’t end with getting the right body shaper slip as it has to be tried on with the particular skirt or dress. This is to see whether or not it is compatible with that clothing and how does it look under it so don’t wait the last moment to try them on together.

Some of the slips just don’t work with certain pieces of clothing regardless how hard you adjust and customise. They will either bunch or roll up, look massive and bulky, create visible lines beneath the clothing so it is worth checking on this in advance before you actually need to wear it.

In majority of cases we match the shapewear to the clothing. However, if you have found the perfect shapewear fitting comfortable and boosting your confidence, it is definitely worth prioritising your shapewear and choose the clothing that accommodates it.

Step Nr.4: Shapewear Slip – To Be or Not To Be

Body shaper slip is a shapewear designed for skirts and dresses. Nevertheless, owing to length, fit and cut of the slip, it could look massive and bulky under certain pieces of clothing.

Consequently, if there is a dress or skirt that you are not able to find the matching shapewear slip, there is a vast range of different shapewear out there. Shapewear bodysuit, shorts or control briefs are just few of the options to consider.

Other than that, a good quality slip shapewear is going to create smooth and sleek outlook under form-fitting and tight dresses or skirts so you wouldn’t need to worry about any bulges, love handles, lumps or bumps, muffin tops or any other insecurity (real or imagined).

If there is a piece of clothing capable of boosting the confidence, well, I am all into it.

Body shaper slip is a godsend for women wishing to smooth out their silhouette underneath tight and from-fitting dresses and skirts.

8 thoughts on “Body Shaper Slip – 4 Steps To Find The Right One”

  1. We are all knowingly or unknowingly mindful of how we fit into clothes. Our personal confidence is boosted or trampled by this self-awareness. The shapewear has thankfully intervened to smooth out not only our outlook but also any doubts poking at our confidence. Your article is a godsend for the researcher and an affirmation to those already won over. Thanks Arta.

  2. Hey Arta! Even though Im not a lady and never used shaper, I found this article very useful in times when I decide to buy one for my girlfriend, or even mother or sisters. The information on your article was interesting and readable and I decided I want to look at what this is all about, and I don’t regret it. Thank you for sharing this with us! 

    Are there any side effects to the body shapers?


    • Hey Heku

      Thank you for the comment. There are no side effects of the body shapers as long as they are in the right size and fit for the particular body. If the shapewear is too small it can pose threat to the health due to excessive pressure on the body and its organs. Therefore, it is extremely important to get the RIGHT size for the shapewear.

      One additional thing to keep in mind is that extra firm shapewear is not intended for daily use – it does deliver the most noticeable result by sculpting the body but it is not intended for everyday – just for some certain events. I have summarised the most important points regarding extra firm shapewear here.

      Other than that, there are no side effects. The most important indicator is the comfort – if a person feels comfortable while wearing the shapewear, there is no reason to worry. 

      Hope this helps, Arta

  3. Bodyshaper or shapewear is actually a piece of garment to be worn under clothings with the intention to smooth out or shape the figure. In actual fact, they are more suitable for ages from about 18 to not than than 45 years old. As i believe there may be some health issues to be taken into consideration for elderly or those above 45 years old. Natural is better.


    • Hey there

      Thank you for your comment. As long as shapewear is in the right size and fit for the particular person and if the common sense is followed, the garment doesn’t pose any threat to the health. BUT shapewear must not be restrictive in any ways – it should neither squeeze in your skin, nor change your breathing and etc. If it is – it means the shapewear is in the wrong size and should be sized up.

      So the most important thing is that the RIGHT size is ordered and a person feels comfortable in the shapewear – if these conditions are met, anybody can wear a shapewear.

      Extra firm compression is not suitable for everyday use – it should be used just for some special events.

      Without doubt, natural is good but sometimes that little smoothing and shaping effect is needed and as it takes long time to regain the shape naturally – why don’t use that help of shapewear?

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Hello with many of our women rapidly gaining pounds on the sides tummy and bottoms the Body shape-slip will prove beneficial in their case. 

    Would you suggest women with heavy breast to wear Body shape slip? 

    I like that it flattens the tummy, and lift the bottom So I can buy Body-shape slips to wear under my skirts.


    • Hey there

      I would suggest women with heavy breast choose body shaper slip with open bust part. This will smooth out the silhouette, flatten and lift where needed and allow to wear your own bra – so a win-win situation from any perspective 🙂

      Happy shaping, Arta

  5. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on body shaper slip. emphasizing our shapes is a way to give us confidence and great mind set. thank you for this helpful article.


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