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Backless Slip Shapewear – Comfortable Pieces Proven to Work

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As previously described, backless slip shapewear is the perfect choice for women wishing to shape and smooth their silhouette while wearing tight and form-fitting backless or sleeveless dresses.

As it turned out, it is not so easy to find comfortable and functional backless slip shapewear. Nevertheless, we have looked through a bunch options and below ones – are favoured by customers and proven to justify the expectations of majority of women who have bought them.

Favoured Choices of Backless Slip Shapewear – Find Yours

Firm Control Backless Slip Shapewear

Product: Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Slip

Price: below $50

Features: Firm Control; Hook & Eye Closure; Built-In Bra; Foam Cups; Anti-Static Finish; Cling-Free Material; Low Back Design; Versatile Straps; 64% Nylon/36% Spandex; Available in 2 colors – Black and Light

The Flexees Maidenform backless shapewear slip has reached an average 3.9 out of 5 stars based on more than 400 reviews.

The shapewear slip is firm control shapewear meaning it shapes the body by serving more to a problem-solving purpose. Theoretically, this shapewear should smooth out the tummy and make the bumps, lumps, bulges and love handles to disappear.

Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Slip
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Size/Fit
  • Quality
  • Price



  • comfortable
  • fulfils the mission of firm control slip – smoothes out and slims down the needed areas
  • low back
  • versatile due to detachable/adjustable straps
  • doesn’t ride up
  • workable underneath thin dresses



  • inconsistent sizing
  • tricky bra-clasp – hard to hook/unhook by yourself
User Review
4.17 (6 votes)
Firm Control Backless Slip Shapewear

Women who have bought this firm control shapewear slip evaluate its performance. It is said to slim down the tummy and smooth out the silhouette.

However, if you are looking for a shapewear that sculpts and sucks you in – then you should consider choosing other type of shapewear.

The slip features built-in panties as a result customers say it doesn’t ride up.

Women evaluate the versatile straps making this slip compatible with diverse styles of clothing. The huge advantage as stated by customers is that the slip doesn’t create bulges, lumps or muffin top if worn strapless.

Top positive review of Backless Slip Shapewear

Many customers highly evaluate the comfortable fit and functional design of this slip shapewear.

The shapewear slip is said to be ultra versatile and perfect underneath low back dresses, plunging and v-neck styles.

Another positive review of Backless Slip Shapewear

This slip shaper is said to retain its comfort regardless the number of hours it is worn. The material of the slip is thin, however it is proven to slim and smooth out the silhouette under thin dresses. Many customers find the slip quite sheer.

A happy review of Backless Slip Shapewear

About 70% of the women who have bough this shapewear slip are happy about the purchase. However, as with each product there are also negative reviews so let’s look at the cons and things to consider before purchasing this shapewear.

Fit and right size are extremely important for shapewear in order to fulfil its mission without sacrificing your comfort and outlook. Therefore getting the right size of the shapewear is a must. Many women who have bought this shapewear suggest sizing down to get the needed bust support. Otherwise, the slip top is a bit big.

4-star review of Backless Slip Shapewear

There are customers complaining about the bra clasp stating that it is impossible to have it closed on your own and somebody should help with this.

The shapewear slip is said to be not suitable for taller bodies over 5’8’’ as the built-in panties make the slip too short for the longer torsos.

Review of Backless Slip Shapewear

Some women didn’t find the slip useful, however, as understood from the reviews it could be due to improper sizing/fitting. Each body is different so what works for one might not work for another.

A Critical review of Backless Slip Shapewear

To sum up, if proper size is ordered, this backless slip shapewear is a great smoothing and slimming slip for a reasonable price.

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Firm Control Open Bust Backless Shapewear Slip

Product: Mass21 Backless Shapewear Slip

Price: below $20

Features: Firm Control; Adjustable Straps; Open Bust Area; Tummy Control Panel; Silicone Grip inside the Bottom Hem; Breathable Stretchy Fabric; Seamless; 70% Nylon/30% Spandex

The Mass21 backless shapewear slip has an average of 3.8 stars out of 5.

Women who have bought this body shaper slip evaluate its gentle smoothing and slimming properties. The shapewear is proven to work for curvy ladies.

Customers evaluate the open bust design as it allows to wear the slip with your own bra. The shapewear slip is stated as comfortable and flattering.

Firm Control Open Bust Backless Shapewear Slip

The silicone grip inside the bottom hem prevents the slip from rolling up and this is also confirmed by customers.

The material is breathable and pleasant so no over-heating when wearing this shapewear.

Some reviews state that back of the shapewear is medium low so if you have a backless dress – then this slip would be visible.

Few women suggest ordering a size up as the slip tends to run small. However, seller suggests to properly check the sizing chart and take all the measures to decide on the right size to order.

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Medium Control Backless Shapewear Slip

Product: Curvi Underwire Body Slimmer Slip with Hidden Bra

Price: below $30

Features: Medium Control; Adjustable Detachable Straps; Underwire Hidden Bra; Light Foam Padded Cups; Silicone Grip inside the Bottom Hem; Available in 3 Colours; 90% Polyester/10% Spandex

The Curvi backless shapewear slip has an average of 3.6 stars out of 5 basing on more than 600 reviews.

Medium Control Backless Shapewear Slip

The medium control Curvi Slip shapewear is proven to smooth out minor insecurities and possess gentle tummy control feature. However, the main focus is on smoothing out so this shapewear will not sculpt anything, neither it will suck you in.

The slip has a silicone band in both top and bottom hem so it neither rides up nor rolls down.

The slip is said to be perfect undergarment for thin, sheer dresses and dresses made of material showing everything. It doesn’t create any lines.

Women who have bought this shapewear slip evaluate the support and function of built-in padded bra as it is said to ensure light support and give nice shape. The slip is said to work with straps, as well as, strapless.

Customers state the slip shapewear is comfortable, however, the extra attention is needed to the measurement and size chart to make sure the right size is ordered. The sizing is inconsistent – few women mention they have sized it up to get the right fit.

Some customers state the length of the slip is shorter than on the photos – it hits mid-thighs so taller women should pay attention to this before ordering.

The slip is said not to work for everyone – the best choices the slip will work are for women having a bigger chest and a “medium” body.

Some customers state they have received defective products with holes in the seams or underwire sticking out so this should be carefully checked when the order is received to avoid missing the return window in the case there are some quality problems.

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Firm Control Backless Slip Shapewear

Product: FeelinGirl Full Body Shaping Control Slip

Price: below $20

Features: Firm Control; Adjustable Detachable Straps; Elastic Mesh Bra; Silicone Grip inside the Bottom Hem; Available in 2 Colours; 70% Nylon/30% Spandex

The slip is said to flatten the belly and to smooth out the figure – tummy, thighs and hips. Customers find the shapewear comfortable.

The slip is said to me made of a good and functional material.

Firm Control Backless Slip Shapewear

Women who have bought this backless slip evaluates its versatile design – it is possible to adjust the straps in different ways to match the clothing you are wearing it underneath.

Some women stated the straps are attached poorly resulting in a need to secure them to ensure they are kept in place.

Many customers advise the slip shapewear tends to run small so it is suggested to re-check the sizing chart before ordering and to take the proper measures of yourself.

==> Get The Versatile FeelinGirl Shaping Backless Slip Here <==

So these are the best-selling and favoured pieces of backless slip shapewear – have you managed to find yours?

Below are few more choices:

And where do you shop for shapewear? Are there any special tips you keep in mind when shopping for shapewear online?

23 thoughts on “Backless Slip Shapewear – Comfortable Pieces Proven to Work”

  1. The one that I like the most is Mass21 Backless Shapewear Slim. I’m a curvy woman and this shapewear would suit my curves appropriately. I also like the price, to be frank. Another thing that really impresses me is that the material is breathable. Which means that I will not sweat as much. Usually in my opinion shapewear bras are not that great, so the fact that I can use my own bra is a plus for me.

  2. The female body is something to behold and admire.  Thanks for such a complete article with so many choices to choose from.  This is a subject my girlfriend and I can enjoy together and my input actually matters.  I will show her your article and we can check these out more closely.  I love the name of your website.  Everything I see is something that interests me.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article.
    I can say that I am very happy because over 2 weeks is my wife’s day and I would really like to give her a gift of this kind. As a joke, we will both be very happy if she wears this.
    My favorite is the MASS21 Women’s Shapewear Slip High Waisted Butt Lifter Firm Tummy Control Half Slip Body Shaper and I’m glad it costs just $ 20. 

    A great advantage is also the material 30% spandex + 70% high quality nylon. Thanks again for this ideas (a sexy and very creative idea)

  4. Wow, you have such good information on the  backless slip shapewares that are all available for sale out there. Ithi k I should grab one for my lovely girlfriend because she mentioned it once about liking the feel it gives when she sees other ladies wear it. You have given a long list and they all look good. Which one of them would you recommend will be a good gift?

    • Hey Riley

      My favourite is Fleexes Maidenform backless slip shapewear. It is due to the high quality and great functionality this brand offers for a reasonable price. Maidenform is proven to produce quality products that last long and perform well so this is definitely a good product and will make a great gift.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Totally in love with this post and I like the presentation generally. To be honest,I like the slimwares that are backless. They generally have a way to blend the effects and also bring the body shapes out and thats a good thing. The vest thing is the fact that they are not too costly and very affordable going by what I have seen here. I like the feelingirl slimware.

  6. Hello Arta, I am really happy to have finally found something my wife can go with since she has been completely sad about getting different shapewear that’s not good enough for her. One of the things she is always concerned about is the texture of the product because of it and how she wouldn’t want to wear a bra after wearing a shapewear. I would share this link to her so she can make her pick from the list. 

  7. Well reviewed backless slip shape wear. The prices are also cool and affordable. My wife likes this product and I observed its not just making her look beautiful but it has some possibility of slimming her down. She uses firm control shape wear a lot and it helps her slim down her weight. Your post is intensively researched and I recommend it for all women. Thanks for sharing. 

  8. Hi Arta,

    Your web site is very simplistic, yet describe your different products very well.

    I’m just wondering – Is this type of garment not constriction blood flow, or does it not fit that tight? How would one determine which size to buy? Obviously you will have a sizing chart, but just for interest sake – Will the shape-wear be one size smaller than the normal garment, or do you mark the different seizes according to which size dress will match the relevant size garment. I hope I explain myself clearly…

    I think the variety of the different shape-wear gives customers a fairly good choice. 

    • Hey Andre

      Thank you for your comment. It is extremely important that shapewear is in the right size as then it is neither restrictive, nor pose any threat to the health. 

      There is absolutely no necessity sizing down – you need to get your size basing on measures and sizing chart of the certain brand. Shapewear that is too small can lead to different health problems so the right size is of extreme importance.

      Hope this has answered your questions, Arta

  9. I have tried shapewear before and have a few questions that will hopefully make my experience better. I might just be ordering the wrong size.

    I have a very big stomach/abdomen area and getting anything to fit over it is very difficult. I ordered some shapewear in my size 2x, but I can’t get it up over my big abdomen? Should I be ordering a size bigger?

    I do like the shapewear slip you are talking about and it might work because it would go over my head and then down my body instead of trying to force it up over my stomach. However, I don’t really wear dresses which I coorelate the wearing of a slip with. I assume none of these would work very well with a pair of slacks?

    I appreciate this information. Us full-figured gals are always looking for ways to make ourselves more comfortable while holding our curves in place!

    • Hey Karin

      Thank you for your comment. Slip is indeed compatible with dress or skirt so if you don’t really wear those pieces of garments slip wouldn’t be the best choice for you.

      I would like to suggest Gotoly Tummy Flattening panties – these shaping panties focus on stomach and are number 1 best sellers in category Plus Size shapewear panties on Amazon.

      The most important step when ordering any shapewear is getting the right size. In order to get the right size, you need to take your measures and check the retailer size chart to match the measurements with the relevant size. Different brands have different size/measurement charts so this step has to be taken before purchasing any new brand’s product.

      Hope this helps, if any further question, please just let me know in the comment section and I will come back.


      • Thank you for your suggestion and for how to get the right size! It’s working wonders!!!


        • Hey Karin

          I am glad it worked.

          Happy shaping, Arta

          • I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Gotoly Tummy Flatening Panties! Thanks for the suggestion. I just ordered one to start with to see how they fit and work, but I am looking forward to receiving them and trying them out!


          • Hey Karin
            I am really happy to read this. I have been using Gotoly Tummy flattening panties for a while and I am very happy with them. Though, as described in my review they are not suitable for thin clothing so I have ordered and received Maidenform tummy shaping panties.
            Maidenform shapewear panties are very thin so I hope these will be workable for summer to wear under thin clothes – but I am now testing these shapewear panties and will review when I have enough data for the review 🙂
            Happy shaping, Arta

  10. i have been looking for an original, waist trainer that could help me but i saw on your website about the waist trainer panty, do you think that will work? because i have tried a lot of them, for the body shape, i can’t wear because of my fat leg, i really need help.

    • Hey there

      Personally I prefer shaping panties due to the smooth transition and comfort the shaping panties offer. Waist trainer doesn’t work for me as it creates visible lines which can be avoided by wearing panties. So shapewear panties are my choice. I am pear shaped carrying the most in my tummy, booty, hips and thighs. You are welcome to check out here for the tummy flattening shapewear panties I have chosen and are satisfied with.

      Happy shaping, Arta

  11. Hello there this is an awesome review you’ve got here. I admire all of these shapewears especially the Mass1 black less shapewear because its exactly what my husband wants me to be wearing for him. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this with me, I can’t wait to order some of it.

  12. Oh, this is very good. I have been looking to buy something of this sort for my girlfriend in recent months but I didn’t know where to buy them because the stores that sell stuffs like this aren’t open around here due to the pandemic. I’d like to know which of these products actually are elastic because she’s plus sized.

    • Hey there

      Shapewear is elastic, however, the main thing is to take the measures and choose the right size – this is what truly matters when it comes to body shapers.

      Cheers, Arta 

  13. These are really good product and I must say I am really cool with the prices they come with because I have gotten some really poorly made products for that price and I feel bad that I didn’t get this article earlier. However I would gladly take time to get some of these for myself and my daughter since she is showing interest in it right now as she is next to me

  14. My life and her friends are always chatting about weightloss and slimming underwear. I am no expert and I have any experience of wearing it, I mean it, I haven’t. But my wife has just decided to place an order. She says it looks to be good quality and is nice to look at. Who am I to say otherwise!!!!! It must be worth a look.


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