4 Important Steps Towards The Right Tummy Flattening Shapewear

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Tummy Flattening Shapewear

Tummy flattening shapewear is a body shaper that will help you to slim down your tummy and make it flatter.

There are different types of shapewear offering this option and along with this – also an option to shape other areas of the body if needed.

But whenever it comes to a shapewear, there are several extremely important things to follow and keep in mind.

Tummy Flattening Shapewear – Points to Consider Before Making the Move

Is the shapewear comfortable or do you feel like a squeezed lemon inside it?

Does your shapewear stay in place or does it tend to roll up/slip down constantly demanding continuous re-adjustment?

Does your shapewear ensure invisible transition or does it literally cut you by creating muffin top?

Something is not right here…

Step by Step Guide on Choosing the Right Tummy Flattening Shapewear

The best shapewear is doing its job without sacrificing your comfort or bothering you. So it is important to pay attention to all these features before buying the shapewear to make sure the right choice is made:

  • Right Size and Fit
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Performance
  • Quality

Step Nr.1 – Determining Proper Size and Fit

It is of extreme importance to get the right size and fit of the shapewear and it is even more important when it comes to tummy flattening shapewear.

In order for shapewear to flatten the tummy, it needs to re-distribute the fat around the midsection and it is done by using highly functional fabrics. However, the garment should have certain compression to perform the task. The higher the compression, the greater the effect on your body.

But there are significant organs in your stomach and excessive pressure is more likely to harm them in a longer term. If the shapewear is the right size and fit for you, you will feel comfortable and this, in its turn, means that your organs are safe.

However, if you start feeling certain discomfort, it is a signal from your body that something is not right.

So before buying any shapewear, you should carefully check the measurement chart, take the needed measures and if any doubt – better to get into contact with the retailer to make sure the right size is ordered.

Also always pay attention to the Exchange/Return policy to leave yourself a possibility to make the change if the size and fit of the shapewear are not the right ones.

Shapewear in the right size is flattering while rolling, squeezing and digging in case the size is wrong.

Step Nr.2 – Evaluating the Comfort and Ease of Use

If your shapewear is in the right size and fit, then it will be also comfortable and you will have the full control. But the level of comfort of the shapewear, as well as, its ability to flatten the tummy depends on the control level of the shapewear.

In general, there are 3 main shapewear intensity levels:

  • Light Control Shapewear will gently smooth out the silhouette by creating a firmer and sleeker outfit. Light control is suitable for daily usage to address the trouble areas in a gentle and mild manner.
  • Firm Control Shapewear will shape instead of smoothing out by accentuating the figure and curves. It underlines the contours of the body by slimming down and firming the target areas.
  • Extra Firm Control Shapewear is sculpting instead of shaping or smoothing out. It is capable of changing your silhouette by adding a high pressure to the target areas. This type of shapewear is NOT for everyday use. Instead, it is intended for a very special occasions, such as, wedding or prom.

Regardless the level of compression, the shapewear must not constrict you, neither it should restrict you anyway. You should be able to move and breathe as usually. Otherwise, you should return to the Step Nr.1 in this article.

Without doubt, each body is different and each shapewear just doesn’t work for everyone. So sometimes you will have to admit that the certain piece of shapewear simply is not “yours”.

As an addition to above, it is also important to understand whether or not the tummy flattening shapewear is easy to use when going to the bathroom. Otherwise, you could start postponing going to the bathroom by increasing the risk of development of urinary tract infection.

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Step Nr.3 – Assessing the Quality

When choosing the shapewear, a special attention should be paid to the quality of it. A high quality shapewear is more likely to meet the expectations while the low-quality ones are always “a gamble”. And without doubt, the higher the quality, the higher the price so it is always about finding the right balance between the quality and the price.

Nevertheless, having said that, it is also possible to find a shapewear lower priced but still of quality high enough to deliver its promises and make you feel comfortable.

Step Nr.4 – Investigating the Performance

When looking for a tummy flattening shapewear, the main aim is to slenderise and smooth out the tummy. This can be achieved by using the following types of shapewear:

  • Body Shaper Slip will smooth out not only the tummy but also whole midsection – it is usually chosen to be worn underneath dresses and skirts. By choosing shaping slip, you can opt for additional areas to be shaped – waist, booty, as well as, hips and thighs.
  • Tummy Tucker Shapewear refers to several types of shapewear but each of them with the main focus on the shaping off the tummy.
  • Control Bodysuit will contour and control your torso starting from bust/underbust area down to the thighs by flattening the tummy in a highly functional manner. Bodysuit shapewear is compatible with nearly any piece of clothing starting from skirts and dresses to trousers and jumpsuits.
  • Waist Nippers Shapewear focuses on the waist, however, if choosing the extended version, it will suck in and flatten the tummy, as well. Waist nipper is capable of creating a stunning hourglass body shape by accentuating the waist. This is a great shapewear solution for form-fitting dresses.
  • Also a Thigh Slimmer can be used for the flattening of the tummy if features tummy control. So along with the tummy control it is possible to get the added benefits, such as slimming down the thighs and hips, shaping of the bum. If opting for a high waisted version, the whole midsection can be controlled. Thigh slimmer is usually used under longer pieces of clothing, such as dresses, skirts and pants.
  • Tummy Control Panties come in the game with the option to smooth out the tummy whenever needed. There is a wide range of control panties available starting with diverse compression levels to different styles with one aim – to make us feel more confident and better in whatever we are wearing.

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The bottom line – when choosing your tummy flattening shapewear, the first and the most important task is to get the right size and find the right fit.

It is proven that shapewear that is too small will do more harm than good by totally defeating the purpose of the shapewear – to keep you comfortable and supported while boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem.

5 thoughts on “4 Important Steps Towards The Right Tummy Flattening Shapewear”

  1. First of all, I trust that these items are of good quality and durable. Second, I’d like to know if these can be used by men, too. I wanna buy two items, one for my girlfriend and the other one for me. I’m thinking if men can also use this one to flatten our tummies, we will just cover the shapewear with a shirt so as to keep it discreet or secret. 

    By the way, I’d like to ask, how long do you think I have to wear the shapewear before I can see positive changes with my tummy? Is one month of usage enough to see good results?

    • Hey Gomer

      There are available also body shapers for men, and I will investigate this topic, as well.

      However, shapewear does nothing to change the tummy or body in general. These are just visual changes while the shapewear is on. 

      If you wish to reduce the tummy, a healthy eating and physical activities should be taken. In this case, the shapewear can help you looking slimmer during the process while you achieve the permanent result from eating and exercises.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  2. The Tummy Flattening Shapewear are the direct descendants of the corsets! But joking aside, I find that the tummy control panties would be a great fit for me. Can I use them for everyday use? And If so, with which compression level I should start with since I never wore shapewear before?

    • Hey Sonia

      Light and medium control shapewear is suitable for everyday use. If you are a beginner with shapewear, it is suggested to start with light control shapewear to understand the shapewear in general, as well as, to choose the most suitable style for your needs.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. There is no doubt that flattening tummy plays an important role in keeping women in shape. However, I light of this, I have been looking for wears that will help in achieving this. Having stumbled into this article, I am overwhelmed with the amazing tips I got. I will definitely put all tips into consideration when purchasing Shape wears. Thanks for the insight 


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